PAR University of Applied Sciences is a member of the Alliance of European Higher Education Institutions for Dual Education EU4Dual

EU4Dual for a better future for students

EU4Dual is a new alliance of European universities for dual education that lays the foundations for the jobs of the future, encourages the development of the green economy, and supports healthy living. The main goal of the Alliance is to establish a European university for dual higher education. This model of higher education combines higher education teaching with practice in companies where students have the opportunity to apply the skills and knowledge they have acquired as part of the study program in the workplace.

The EU4Dual alliance consists of Duale Hochschule Baden-Württemberg (Germany), Mondragon Unibertsitatea (Spain), FH JOANNEUM Gesellschaft mbH (Austria), ESTIA Institute of Technology (France), Savonia University of Applied Sciences (Finland), Neumann János Egyetem (Hungary), Malta College of Arts, Science and Technology (Malta), Koszalin University of Technology (Poland) and PAR University of Applied Sciences / PAR Polytechnic (Croatia).

The European Alliance of Higher Education Institutions for Dual Education (EU4DUAL) with its network of partners unites education, research, innovation and entrepreneurship at the regional and European level. Drawing on the expertise of all alliance members, the new European university wants to contribute to social transformation and help solve global challenges from climate change to digitization.

EU4Dual for a greener, fairer and more economically successful Europe

The objectives of the EU4Dual alliance are based on a joint long-term strategy focused on sustainability, excellence and European values. The mission of this European alliance is to become a reference point for dual education at the global level – a multidisciplinary institution that will integrate the academic community, industry and the local community with a special emphasis on social and societal awareness and inclusiveness.

PAR University of Applied Sciences in the reputable society of European higher education institutions for dual education

The PAR University of Applied Sciences from Rijeka is a full member of this European alliance as the only higher education institution from Croatia, thus becoming part of the respectable society of European higher education institutions for dual education. The National Center of the EU4Dual Alliance in Croatia will be established at the PAR University of Applied Sciences, and its future head and vice-dean for research and internationalization of the Polytechnic, associate professor Ph.D. Marko Turk, prof. of professional studies, points out that in this way PAR will profile itself even more strongly as an initiator of the development of dual higher education in Croatia and a reference point for its future development.

As an institution, PAR offers study programs in various areas of social sciences and economics at undergraduate and graduate levels. Study programs are primarily focused on business economics, tourism and catering, as well as business management, sports and management of small and medium-sized enterprises. What singles out the PAR University of Applied Sciences is that the study programs are based on the model of dual higher education, that is, linking teaching and practice in partner companies, institutions and organizations in the local community. Professional practice enables students to present themselves to institutions and companies and, working with mentors, improve their knowledge and skills, which they need in the increasingly demanding labor market. It was the successful cooperation of PAR and the economic sector that resulted in a high percentage of employability of students already during their studies.

In the context of membership in the EU4Dual alliance, PAR University of Applied Sciences will offer its students, whom we see as full partners in the educational process, study programs as well as professional development programs of all alliance partner institutions. In addition, students will actively participate in the creation of their own mobility programs at all levels of study, which will be the specificity of the alliance’s work.

This is an opportunity for all future students who want to be part of the European university for dual education as one of the best universities in Europe, to learn from top lecturers through direct contacts and lectures and build their own international network of student and business contacts that will be maintained through a series of EU4Dual alumni activities universities. In addition, employers who will be interested in becoming part of the network of business partners and stakeholders of the alliance are offered numerous professional opportunities and active participation in the brainstorming process of Europe for dual education. We therefore invite them to join us.

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